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    • Descripción

    GBL Quick Detail:

    Nombre del producto: GBL GammaButyrolactone
    No. 96-48-0
    Fórmula molecular: C4H6O2
    Peso de la fórmula: 86.09
    Chemical Properties:colourless oily liquid
    General Description:Clear colorless oily liquid with a pleasant odor.
    Air & Water Reactions:Hygroscopic,Soluble in water.
    Pureza: 99.2% +
    Impureza: under 0.4%
    Moisture Content: under 0.1%
    Almacenamiento: 2-8° C
    Punto de fusion: -43.53 ° C
    Boiling point: 204 ° C
    Usage :pharmaceutical raw materials, the hormone

    GBL Description:

    Gamma-Butyrolactone (γ-butyrolactone or GBL) is a hygroscopic colorless liquid with a weak characteristic odor which is soluble in water. GBL is a common solvent and reagent in chemistry as well as being used as a flavouring, as a cleaning solvent, as a superglue remover, and as a solvent in some wet aluminium electrolytic capacitors. In humans it acts as a prodrug for GHB, and it is used as a recreational intoxicant with effects similar to alcohol.

    GBL is a lactone. It is hydrolyzed under basic conditions, for example in a sodium hydroxide solution into sodium gammahydroxybutyrate, the sodium salt of gammahydroxybutyric acid. Under acidic conditions it forms an equilibrium mixture of both compounds. These compounds then may go on to form a polymer. When treated with a nonnucleophilic base, like lithium diisopropylamide, GBL can become an alphacarbon nucleophile. The related compound caprolactone can be used to make a polyester in this manner.

    GBL is not active in its own right; its mechanism of action stems from its identity as a prodrug of GHB. The hypnotic effect of GHB is enhanced by combination with alcohol. A 2003 rat study showed that GBL in combination with ethanol showed a potentiated hypnotic effect, as the sleep-timing measure was longer than both of the individual components combined

    GBL Pharmacokinetics:

    GBL is rapidly converted into GHB by paraoxonase (lactonase) enzymes, found in the blood. Animals which lack these enzymes exhibit no effect from GBL. GBL is more lipophilic (fat soluble) than GHB, and so is absorbed faster and has higher bioavailability. Because of these pharmacokinetic differences, GBL tends to be more potent and faster-acting than GHB, but has a shorter duration; whereas the related compound 1,4-butanediol (1,4-B) tends to be slightly less potent, slower to take effect but longer-acting than GHB.

    GBL Occurrence:

    GBL has been found in extracts from samples of unadulterated wines. This finding indicates that GBL is a naturally occurring component in some wines and may be present in similar products. The concentration detected was approximately 5 μg/mL and was easily observed using a simple extraction technique followed by GC/MS analysis. GBL can be found in cheese flavourings but typically results in a content of 0.0002% GBL in the final foodstuff.

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