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  • Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml Pre-made injection Test E Oil Steroid Liquid

    Concentration: 100~600mg/ml
    Minimum order quantity(MOQ): 50ml
    Payment way: Bitcoin, T/T, MoneyGram, Western Union
    Lead Time: Within 12hours after payment
    Delivery Time: 3-7 days door to door
    Packing: Super discreet
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    • Description

    Legit OEM Steroid Homebrew Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml Pre-made injection Steroid Liquid For Sale

    Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml Cook Recipes

    1 Liter Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml Oily based Recipes:
    250g Testosterone Enanthate Hormone Powder
    20ml BA————–(benzyl alcohol, Presavation)
    200ml BB————-(benzyl benzoate, Solvents)
    40% MCT————-(Carrier oil)
    Rest GSO————–(grape seed oil, Carrier oil)

    Testosterone Enanthate Dosage

    Effective Dose (Men) 200-1000mg+ week
    Effective Dose (Women): Effective Dose (Women)
    Active life:  8 days
    Detection Time:  3 months
    Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 100/100.

    Beginner Testosterone Enanthate Plans: 

    Week Testosterone-Enanthate Deca-Durabolin Arimidex
    1 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    2 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    3 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    4 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    5 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    6 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    7 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    8 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    9 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    10 500mg/wk 200mg/wk 0.5mg/eod
    11 500mg/wk    0.5mg/eod
    12 500mg/wk    0.5mg/eod 
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