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BA Benzyl Alcohol Organic Solvent Colorless Liquid for Steroid Homebrew

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BA Benzyl Alcohol Organic Solvent Colorless Liquid for Steroid Homebrew

Benzyl Alcohol Chemical Profile

Purity : 99.0%
CAS Registry Number: 100-51-6
EINECS: 202-859-9
MW: 108.14
Melting point: -15 oC
Boiling point: 205 oC
Refractive index: 1.538-1.541
Flash point: 93 oC
Water solubility: 4.29 g/100 mL (20 oC)
Appearance: Colorless clear oily liquid with acetone-like odor, has a viscous liquid or solid flakes two forms and has a weak, sweet-balsamic odor.
Product Categories: Pharmaceutical Intermediates; Heterocycles;Miscellaneous Reagents
Packing: Galvanied iron barrel,net weight:200kg±0.05

Benzyl Alcohol Certificate Of Analysis

Product name Benzyl Alcohol
CAS No. 100-51-6 Outer Packing 220kg/drum
Production date 2019.01.08 Shelf life 2020.01.07
Standard adopted Enterpride Standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance Colorless clear oily liquid Colorless clear oily liquid
Chroma ≤10 5
Purity ≥99.95% 99.96%
Benzaldehyde ≤500ppm 316ppm
Acidity ml, 0.1 mol / l NaOH / 10 ml ≤1.0 0.07
Chloride ≤0.005% Qualified
Water solubility (1 + 30) Clarification Qualified
Relative density (20 ℃) 1.043-1.048 1.047
Refractive index (nd 20 ℃) 1.538-1.541 1.540
Moisture ≤ 0.1 0.076
Aroma Weak aroma Weak aroma
Conclusion Qualified  

Benzyl Alcohol Application

(1) Benzyl alcohol is a good middle boiling point solvent.
(2) The main applications:paint solvent; ink solvent; plexiglass solvent; photographic developing agent; PVC stabilizer; medicine, synthetic resin solvent; ointment or liquid medicine; solvent for meat products stamp-pad ink and ball-point pen oil.
(3) It is used for carpet degreaser; crater cleaning agent; silicone solvent stabilizer; benzyl ester or ether intermediate.
(4) Benzyl alcohol is a kind of very useful perfume fixative. It is an indispensable spice when jasmine, tuberose or ylang is mixed, and used to compound soap and daily cosmetics.

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