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99.8% Purity Formestane (Lentaron) Powder | Raw Aromatase Inhibitor

Assay: 99.8% by HPLC
Standard: Enterprise Standard.
Minimum order quantity(MOQ): 10 gram
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Buy 99.8% Purity Aromatase Inhibitor AI Formestane (Lentaron) Powder Online


What is Formestane?

Formestane is one of the best legal anti-estrogens, and it’s classified as an irreversible arromatase inhibitor, meaning, it destroys the aromatase enzyme.

Formestane is a synthetic steroidal substance with antineoplastic activity and it binds irreversibly to and inhibits the enzyme aromatase, thereby blocking the conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone and the peripheral aromatization of androgenic precursors into estrogens. Formestane is a drug that has been previously used in breast cancer treatment. Like most drugs which have some sort of phsyique usage, athletes eventually get a hold of it.


Formestane Certificate Of Analysis

Product Name Formestane
Production Bath 20190108 Production Date 2019-01-08
Specification Enterprise Standard Shelf life 2 Years
Quantity 100kg Analysis Date 2019-01-08
Result For Analysis
Items Standard Results
Test Specification Results
Appearance White or Almost White Crystalline Powder Conforms
Melting Point 199-203℃ 201.5℃
Loss On Drying 0.50% 0.32%
Specific Rotation +172~+182° +174.5 ~+181°
Assay not less than 97% 99.8%
Conclusion Conforms Specifications of Enterprise Standard.


Formestane Benefits:

1) Increases in IGF-1
2) Lowers SHBG to make anabolic hormones more active and in a free state
3) Increase natural Testosterone to above normal human levels and continues to work even after use has stopped.
4) Lowers and Controls Estrogen and prevents the negative side effects associated with Estrogen
5) Prevents Estrogen Rebound because it is a Type I aromatase Inhibitor similar to Aromasin (Exemestanes)
6) Prevents conversion of Testosterone to DHT meaning it can help prevent hair loss in some cases as well as prostate issues.
7) Transdermal Delivery allows for maximum absorption with zero toxicity and mess


Formestane Dosage:

Formestane Sufficient dosage of 200-400mg per day.
Formestane Active life 24-36 hours, usually last you about 3-4 weeks.

Some evidence to suggest that higher response rates are achieved with Formestane/Lentaron 500 versus 250mg once every 2 weeks. The clinical efficacy of intramuscular formestane 250mg did not differ significantly from that of oral megestrol when administered as second-line endocrine therapy to patients with advanced disease in whom previous tamoxifen therapy had failed.

In addition, Formestane/Lentaron produced a response rate, duration of response and overall survival rate that was not significantly different from that of oral tamoxifen when administered as first-line endocrine therapy to patients with advanced disease, but tamoxifen was superior in some measures.


Formestane Chemical Profile

Alias Lentaron, 4-hydroxyandrost-4-ene-3,17-dione
CAS NO. 566-48-3
Appearance off-white crystalline powder
M F C19H26O3
M W 302.41
Usage antitumor drug. aromatase inhibitor
Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Dosage 250mg, 1 time every two weeks, as the arm deep intramuscular injection.
Density 1.19 g/cm3
Melting Point 199-202℃
Boiling Point 475.4 at 760 mmHg
Flash Point 255.4


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