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Proviron (Mesterolone) – Bodybuilding, Dosage, Cycle and Side Effects

December 25, 2019

Proviron (Mesterolone) – Bodybuilding, Dosage, Cycle and Side Effects

The medicinal properties in Mesterolone allows it to excel as a medicine used to treat patients suffering from lido-dysfunction, infertility and low androgen levels. This oral, mediocre anabolic steroid has proved to be very effective in promoting tolerance within patients. More commonly Mesterolone is used to treat infertility. While other androgenic steroids tend to react in harmful ways in the body and have a negative effect on fertility levels, Proviron does not react or cause any changes in the LH levels of the body.

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Proviron: Benefits in Bodybuilding

1. The Bulking Cycle

In the vast world of bodybuilding, bulking cycles seem to play a very significant role. While many bodybuilders do not incorporate Proviron into their steroid intake, it is important to understand the many benefits this powder can bring to bodybuilders. Using Proviron will help you get through the stagnant point of your bulking cycle. When progress is at standstill, Proviron can help enhance the effects of other steroids and boost the overall activity in your body.

Bodybuilders who tend to participate in competitions are more often seen consuming large doses of testosterone during their cutting cycles. On the contrary, there are also many builders who choose to consume only limited amounts of testosterone (for their personal reasons). In these cases, Mesterolone (Proviron) is a very handy supplement as it provides the required androgen boost for the body without resulting in a wide range of harmful side effects.

2. Has an Anti-Estrogenic Nature

Since Proviron is a derivative of DHT, it does not bring forth any estrogenic effects after consumption. While Proviron is not as strong as other anti-estrogen pills, it does act as a much more effective estrogen inhibitor. Once consumed, Proviron will hinder the production of estrogen in the human body instead of suppressing that which is already produced. Proviron is strongly recommended to bodybuilders who have a history of allergies related to estrogen as they can use it alongside of other steroids for better results.

Additionally, due to its anti-estrogenic nature, Proviron is now increasingly being used in the medical field as a treatment to many serious illnesses. These include breast cancer and even gynecomastia.

3. Fat Loss

Being a DHT derivative, Proviron plays a massive role in reducing body fat. The presence of this steroid in the human body promotes a rapid breakdown of fat deposits stored in the body for daily activity purposes. As a result of increased androgen levels, lipid levels in the body are reduced which leads to both effective and safe fat loss during the cutting phase.

4. Anti-Depressant Properties

One of the many researched conducted on the use of Mesterolone clearly indicated that the use of this steroid prevents the development of depression. Since many bodybuilders have tough schedules to follow and strict timelines to maintain, depression is very common. By making effective use of this steroid, bodybuilders can make their psychological state better all while making progress for their bodies. The rationale behind this improved psychological state is reportedly linked to an increased hormonal imbalance which leads to better male sexual performance. As a result, sense of well-being and confidence is continuously improved.

Recommended Dosage of Raw Proviron

Mesterolone is commonly used for two main purposes: as a medicine to treat illnesses and as a supplement for bodybuilding. Proviron benefits can only be enjoyed when the right doses are taken at the right times. In case of an overdose, Proviron can be potentially harmful for the human body.

To ensure that Proviron is effective initially, it should be taken in the form of a 25mg tablet thrice daily. When taking this steroid, you must ensure that the total daily dosage must never exceed 75mg. Once the body becomes accustomed to the drug, the dosage is carefully reduced to one 25mg tablet per day.

Certain bodybuilders also consume up to 150mg of Proviron daily, but only under strict supervision of their professional trainers and dieticians. Females who are involved in vigorous sport activities can also make use of Proviron. However, since the use of this steroid reacts with all hormones in the body, its usage for women is highly discouraged.

We sell Steroid powder and liquid, but we also provide SERM , AI , HCG, Sex Enhancement Powder and related chemical materials.
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How Should I Take Raw Proviron?

Since Proviron is definitely not an anabolic steroid, it cannot be taken alone in one cycle. Instead, it should be paired with other anabolic steroids to serve as an ancillary drug that reduces certain estrogenic effects and allows the body to stimulate in better ways. One of the main reason why bodybuilders appreciate the use of Proviron is due to its aesthetic effects that enhance a strong physique.

Most commonly, male bodybuilders who consume Proviron take a dosage of around 50mg on a daily basis throughout the course of the cycle.

Common Side Effects of Proviron Consumption

Due to the many beneficial properties of Proviron stated previously, it is one of the safest steroids to consume. While a few side effects may be experienced, it is safe to say that they are highly uncommon. Proviron is not recommended for women as they are likely to experience severe side effects, including infertility.

Despite this, common side effects of Proviron that may be experienced include:

Low levels of growth
Fluctuating energy levels
Accelerated sexual arousal
Persistent headaches
Aggressiveness / Anger

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