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  • 99%+ Pureza Melanotan II (MT-2) péptido

    Ensayo: 99%+ por HPLC
    Capacidad: 10mg / vial
    Cantidad mínima de pedido(MOQ): 1 frasco
    Forma de pago: Bitcoin, T / T, MoneyGram, Western Union
    Tiempo de espera: Dentro de 12 horas después del pago
    El tiempo de entrega: 3-7 días de puerta a puerta
    Embalaje: súper discreta
    Envío: DHL / TNT / UPS / HKEMS / FedEx / etc..
    El número de rastreo: Disponible después de que paquete librará.
    Servicio postventa: 24/7 en línea

    • Descripción

    Comprar 99%+ Purity Skin Tanning Polypeptides Melanotan II (MT-2) péptido (10mg / frasco) polvo en línea


    Melanotan-2 Benefits:

    1) Lasting Tan: Even if the dosage is stopped, a warm sun-kissed tan can last for months at a time without any exposure to the sun. Conversely, tans developed naturally fade in around a months time.

    2) Flexibility of Use: Able to take a small loading dose with continued dosing until desired skin pigmentation is achieved. Once achieved only need to dose once every couple of weeks to maintain the same pigment.

    3) Reduced exposure to sunlight (UV rays): Melanotan still needs exposure to sunlight to be effective. sin embargo, it will allow the user a significant reduction in time to develop the desired tan.


    How does Melanotan-2 works?

    Melanotan-2 Mt2 works by stimulating the release of the pigment melanin from the skin. Less UV exposure is necessary with Melanotan 2 compared to “normal tanning”, and the tan that occurs with tanning injections is deeper and longer lasting than an individual’s “normal tan”. Melanotan works best (has the most noticeable effects) on people with fair skin tones.


    Melanotan-2 Dosage

    Research quality peptides are supplied as a lyophilized powder that must be mixed with bacteriostatic water for injection just prior to use. A suggested research dose is weight based. Below example is for average 154lb/70kg adult

    0.25mg very light
    0.5mg light
    1mg common standard
    1.5mg strong
    2mg very strong

    Based on this, 100kg male can take 1.5-2mg as a weekly dosage. An 110lb/50kg female should start off with 0.25mg to be safe and then move to 0.5mg and 1mg if needed.

    Pre-loading does is 2x or 3x smaller than your normal maintenance dosage. As a reminder, you do not need to do this unless you are in a rush to get really dark in a matter of days.

    Noteworthy: Many online sources sell an ineffective product. Also, peptides are fragile by nature and are not effective when they are taken orally (pills, shakes, etc.) because they will be broken down by the dige


    Melanotan 2 Specification:

    Apariencia Cristalino blanco Polvo
    Ensayo ≥99%
    Metales pesados ≤10ppm
    Arsénico ≤1ppm
    Lead ≤3ppm
    Mercury ≤0.1ppm
    Cadmium ≤1ppm
    Total Plate Count ≤1000cfu/g
    Yeast & Mold ≤100cfu/g
    E.Coli Negativo
    Salmonella Negativo
    Conclusión The product conforms to the standard.


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