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Todo lo que necesita saber sobre el cipionato de testosterona

diciembre 25, 2019

¿Qué es el cipionato de testosterona? ?

Como se ha mencionado más arriba, es un tipo de esteroide. Es un medicamento recetado y, por lo tanto, uno puede usarlo en casa también después de que su médico le sugiera que lo haga.. Especialmente útil para hombres., it helps in treating hypogonadism which is identified as a testosterone deficiency and can lead to a number of issues. It is also used in testosterone replacement therapy.

Some Specific Uses of Testosterone Cypionate :

Fitness: Testosterone Cypionate is performance enhancing drug helps you in gaining the ideal body with added strength and bone density and less muscle pain for athletes.

Medical Benefit: Testosterone Cypionate is a legal medical drug that is approved by FDA to be used in the treatment of both hypogonadotropic and primary hypogonadism in men. It also proves to be beneficial in the androgen replacement therapy.

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How does Testosterone Cypionate Work?

This steroid works in multiple ways. From helping in the growth of male sexual organs to bringing improvement in secondary sex characters, Testosterone Cypionate deals with everything. There are two major ways in which it can be used; one is regarded as the conversion to estradiol, and the second is known as the androgen receptor activation.

Some Major Effects of Testosterone Cypionate for Bodybuilding:

We have already seen how it can be helpful in fitness. Adding on to that there are a number of aspects which gets better with time, por ejemplo, you can enjoy these benefits after using this steroid for almost 12 semanas:

Increase in the potential of fat lose
Faster recovery of muscle
Excessive muscle gain
Added strength

Some Side effects of testosterone cypionate to keep in mind:

While there are some side effects of Testosterone Cypionate as is the case with almost everything, they are all manageable. You can easily find solutions to them and so it can be extremely beneficial in the long run. Some of the main issues can be regarded as acne, hair growth, swelling on the part where the steroid is injected and some other minute side effects which can easily be taken care of.

Factors that can Influence the Dosage:

Your doctor is the best person to prescribe you a dosage of this drug. There are surely some major factors that are involved in determining what dose will suit you. This can be counted as: your age, your reason behind getting it, medical condition, how your body takes the first dose. All these factors are extremely significant in finalizing a dose for you which you can follow.

Some Warnings on Testosterone Cypionate :

When you inject something in your body, you are making an artificial addition to it. While it is done in good intention and comes with a bag of advantages, you sure need to be careful in order to avoid any serious issues. Por ejemplo:

You need to be fully aware about how your body is reacting to it. It is completely possible that your body might not register the drug and have an opposite reaction. In a situation like this, you need to stop using it immediately.

Similarly, taking high dosage for elongated period of time may result in other issues. You need to be extremely careful with the amount of Testosterone Cypionate being injected. (Be even more cautious if you are doing it yourself at home).

Is it Dangerous to have an Overdose or Miss a Dose?

A simple answer to this question is YES. It is a legal medical drug which cannot and should not be taken lightly. The most important thing to focus upon is that you cannot take a double dose if you have missed previous one. You need to consult your doctor, tell them exactly when was the last time you had a dose (in case of missing one or if you want to stop) and they will guide you accordingly. The logic behind it is that it is not one of those medications which just react as soon as you have it. You need to have a certain amount of it present in your body for it to function properly. Not complying with it might result in reactions that you surely want to avoid.

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Some Precautions:

This part is only to emphasize on how significant it is to do everything as your doctor prescribes. Taking steroids is not something you should do just because everyone else is doing. It is an extremely serious topic that you need to be sure of beforehand, especially when it is something like Testosterone Cypionate. You need to keep your doctor in loop and tell him/her each and everything, from your medical conditions to your usage of the drug, this is the most important precaution you can take.

If you have made up your mind about Testosterone Cypionate, make sure that you consult your physician/doctor and come up with a plan that works best for you.

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