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Comprar Anti-Wrinkle Loss Hair Loss Prevention Copper Peptide Ghk-Cu Tripeptide-1 Powder Online


Copper peptide GHK-Cu Basic Information

Nome do Produto: (GHK)2-Cu(Copper Peptide)
CAS: 49557-75-7
Fórmula molecular: C28H46N12O8Cu
Peso molecular: 742.29
Aparência: Blue powder


What is Copper peptide(GHK-Cu)?

Copper peptide GHK-Cu is a naturally occurring copper complex of a glycyl-L-histidyl-L-lysine peptide. Since it has three amino acids it is called tripeptide. The GHK-Cu tripeptide has strong affinity for copper(II) and was first isolated from human plasma. It can be found also in saliva and urine.

The peptide GHK spontaneously complexes with copper and facilitates the uptake of copper by cells. This peptide sequence is found in proteins of the extracellular matrix such as the chain of collagen, and it is believed to be released during wounding and inflammation.


Copper peptide Application

Copper peptide serum is sometimes used after surgery or other major events that create wounds on the skin. Post-surgery patients may benefit from this serum because of its abilities to help the skin heal faster and its ability to reduce scarring. If a copper peptide serum is used regularly after surgery, it may reduce the formation of dark, highly visible scars.

GHK-Cu eye cream performed better than vitamin K cream. Finkley et al. conducted 12 week facial study on 67 women and reported that GHK-Cu cream applied twice daily improved aged skin appearance, increased thickness, reduced wrinkles and strongly stimulated dermal keratinocyte proliferation as determined by histological analysis of biopsies. The same study found copper peptide GHK-Cu to be non-toxic and non-irritating.


Copper peptide GHK-Cu Effects

Accelerate wound repair

Increase skin re-epithelialization

Reverse aging effects on skin

thickens skin, improves elasticity, and increases subcutaneous fat layer

Improve hair transplant success ,prevent hair loss

GHK analogs with fatty residue analogs increase hair follicle size, stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss

Heal injure intestinal linings . Activates skin’s main antioxidant proteinsuperoxide dismutase


How to Use:

The recommended percentage of AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides to use within your custom formula is 2.5 para 5%. Since AHK-Cu Copper Tri-Peptides are water-soluble, they may be blended in either RejuvePlex (a water-based solution), or with Marine Seakelp Bioferment (resulting in a thicker and gelatinous solution, preferably around 20% of which is Marine Seakelp Bioferment).

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