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O enantato de testosterona Pó liquefeito, é o verdadeiro pó?

Março 27, 2019

Test-E Powder Liquified, é o verdadeiro pó?

If you receive the Testosterone enanthate powder like the picture below from us. How do you know that it is a real powder?

At first you should know Testosterone enanthate melting point is 36-37.5 C, if your room temp higher than that, Or the country in transit is very hot (temp higher than 37C), Then what you receive is the melted testosterone enanthate. If you put it in the fridge and it did re-solidify into a white, pasty-looking powder (picture below).

This process is a physical change that does not affect the chemical properties of testosterone enanthate. Please donot worry and feel free to use it. Our powders are strictly tested in the laboratory before shipment.


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