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Benzyl Benzoate (BB) Pure Organic Solvents

Assay: 99.9% by HPLC
Standard: Enterpride Standard
Minimum order quantity(MOQ): 100ml
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Buy Pure Organic Solvents Benzyl Benzoate BB Online for Homebrew Steroid Liquids Conversion


Benzyl Benzoate Chemical profile

Alias: Benzoic acid benzyl ester,Benzoic acid phenylmethyl ester
CAS Registry Number: 120-51-4
Einecs No: 204-402-9
Molecular formula: C14H12O2
Molecular weight: 212.24
Purity: 99%
Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid


Benzyl Benzoate Certificate Of Analysis

Product name Benzyl Benzoate
CAS No. 120-51-4 Outer Packing 220kg/drum
Production date 2019.01.08 Shelf life 2020.01.07
Standard adopted Enterpride Standard
Items of analysis Specification Results
Appearance Light yellow oily liquid Light yellow oily liquid
Refractive index (20 ℃) 1.5680-1.5700 1.5700
Specific gravity (25/25 ℃) 1.118-1.122 1.119
Content 99.0-100.5% 99.9%
Chroma, Hazen 150-240 190
Residue on ignition ≤0.1% 0.02%
Acidity ≤0.2ml, 0.1mol/1NaOH/2g 0.12
Conclusion Qualified  


Benzyl Benzoate Description

Benzyl Benzoate (BB) is the primary solvent, which keeps the product from crashing.It is A co-solvent in steroid that serves several functions: helps dissolve the hormone, helps keep it in solution in depot (injection site), and thins the gear so it is easy to draw and inject.

Benzyl Benzoate is the next common steroid solvent on the list. It is not nearly as strong and much heavier than the benzyl alcohol so benzyl benzoate is used primarily for its latent affects in the depot. Namely it helps keep the hormone in solution at the injection site after the more water-soluble benzyl alcohol has leached from the depot. benzyl benzoate is constructed of two benzene rings bridged by a carbonyl group, this making the solvent extremely hydrophobic. It is also painless at low levels and nearly painless at 15-20% for most people.

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