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  • Testosterone Propionate Raw Steroid Powder USP31 Test P /Pro Testoviron

    Assay: 99.43% by HPLC
    Standard: USP31.
    Minimum order quantity(MOQ): 10g
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    • Description
    • Testosterone Propionate Steroid Oil
    • Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    Buy 99.43% Purity USP31 Bodybuilding Raw Steroid Test Propionate / Testosterone Propionate Powder Online CAS 58-20-8

    Testosterone Propionate Description

    Testosterone Propionate is a single ester testosterone compound and represents one of the most important testosterone compounds every manufactured. When synthetic testosterone was first created it was in its pure form. Simply put there was no ester attached, thereby providing a fast acting compound that would necessarily require a very frequent administration schedule.

    Testosterone Propionate Application

    Testosterone Propionate medical treatments have treatment for male androgen deficiency /andropause or hypogonadism, treatment for sexual dysfunction, and treatment for menopause, treatment for chronic dysfunctional uterine bleeding or menorrhagia, treatment for endometriosis, and many additional countless medical applications.

    Testosterone Propionate Dosage

    Testosterone Propionate is injected 50-100mg every other day for performance enhancing, or in larger doses if the athletes or bodybuilder is more experienced. As a base of a steroidal cycle, Testosterone Propionate can be used to replace endogenous testosterone, or as a performance enhancer itself.

    As a performance enhancing drug (PED), 100mg every day is suggested in combination with an AI or SERM to control estrogenic side effects. Aromasin at 25mg every day or Arimidex 1mg every other day would be advised to keep estrogen levels in normal ranges.

    1 Liter Testosterone Propionate 100mg/ml Oily based Recipes:

    100g Quality Testosterone Propionate Hormone Powder
    20ml BA--------------(benzyl alcohol, Presavation)
    200ml BB-------------(benzyl benzoate, Solvents)
    40% MCT-----------(Carrier oil)
    Rest GSO--------------(grape seed oil, Carrier oil)

    Notes: We also could customized for you, please send us your cook recipes, we will do as you told.

    Steroid powder purity is 99.4%, the quality is excellent, you can make product with it.

    You can also try Semi-finished steroid liquid (not finished in 10ml vials)

    (Injectable) semi-finished steroid oil that requires filtration before it can be injected.
    After filtering, you can put your own label and sell it as your own brand.
    Oral steroid liquid can be used directly

    Certificate of Analysis (COA)

    Product Name Testosterone Propionate Quantity 123kg
    Batch No. 20190110 Production date 2019.01.10
    Analysis date 2019.01.10 Expiry Date 2021.01.09
    Ref. Standard USP 31
    Test Items Specification Test Results
    Description White or practically white crystalline powder Conforms
    Identification Requirements Standard Confirms
    Solubility Clearing Confirms
    Loss on drying ≤0.50% ≤0.20%
    Specific Rotation +83°~ +88° +87.8°
    Heavy Metals ≤20PPM Confirms
    Assay 97.0~103.0% 99.43%
    Conclusion The specification conform with USP 31
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