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99.30% Purity Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride (Levobupivacaine Hcl) Powder

Assay: 99.30% by HPLC
Standard: Enterprise Standard
Minimum order quantity(MOQ): 10g
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Buy 99.30% Purity Laboratory Tested Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride (Levobupivacaine Hcl) Powder Raw Local Anesthetic Material With Discreet Shipping Fast Delivery


Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride Specification

Product Name Levobupivacaine hydrochloride
Batch . 15061201 Mfg. date 2019.01.08
Approval Date 2019.01.08 Date of Expiry 2021.01.07
Results Of Analysis Tests
Test Analysis Standard Results
Character White or off-white crystalline powder, smell-less. Soluble in the ethanol freely, in the chloroform slightly, and soluble in the water or 0.01mol/L HCl Complies
Identification 1) Separate out the yellow deposition 2) There is the max absorbance between 263nm to 271 nm wavelength. Complies
Acidity(PH) 4.5~6.0 4.7
Total impurity Not more than 0.5% 0.17%
Optical isomers Not more than 0.5% N.D
Loss on drying Not more than 1.0% 0.21%
Burnt residue Not more than 0.1% 0.05%
Heavy metals Not more than 20ppm Complies
Ferric salt Not more than 0.001% Complies
[α]20D -11.0°~-14° -12.4°
Assay 98.5%( calculated on the anhydrous basis.) 99.30%
Conclusion Be Conform With Enterprise Standard


Levobupivacaine Hydrochloride Description

Levobupivacaine (rINN) is a local anaesthetic drug belonging to the amino amide group. It is the S-enantiomer of bupivacaine.

The hydrochloride salt of levobupivacaine, an amide derivative with anesthetic property. Levobupivacaine reversibly binds voltage-gated sodium channels to modulate ionic flux and prevent the initiation and transmission of nerve impulses (stabilizing neuronal membrane), thereby resulting in analgesia and anesthesia. In comparison with racemic bupivacaine, levobupivacaine is associated with less vasodilation and has a longer duration of action.

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